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Date:         Fri, 10 Nov 2000 00:46:48 -0500
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Dear Friends It is wonderful to know that OUR referees are doing such a wonderful job in every assignment that we receive. I am sending you 2 examples of the latest accomplishments. I know that a lot of times we are under the microscope for mistakes rather than accomplishments. It is great to show the other side of the referee team to the media & the soccer community. The following 2 e-mail that I am sending you has been forwarded to all SRA's State Presidents, US Soccer Board of Directors & all members of US Soccer staff. Thank you for all that you have accomplished and I can assure you that there is a lot more great news to come. Thanks Esse >From the U.S. Soccer Communications Center -- Nov. 10, 2000 U.S. SOCCER REFEREE KUDOS #1 The following article appeared in a local Honduras newspaper, praisingthe work of U.S. Soccer referee Ricardo Valenzuela and his crew duringthe Honduras-Jamaica World Cup qualifying match on Oct. 8 in Honduras.It is reflective of the praise being bestowed upon the work of U.S. Soccerreferees for the performances across the world in 2000. REFEREEING The center referee who directed the game between Honduras and Jamaica in Tegucigalpa this past Oct. 8, Mr. Ricardo Andres Valenzuela, is a Gentleman's Referee. He came to give a lesson in what one may consider exemplary refereeing, wherein each player receives what is both fair and just to him, and in accordance with The Laws of the Game. The referee, Ricardo Andres Valenzuela, of the United States, refereed the game as a conductor of an orchestra would direct his musicians, rhythmically moving his baton so that they would follow his lead and render a beautiful composition. When he sent-off two players, one from each side, he did so with propriety, and then he pardoned two players with equal propriety,one for each side. He did it with the wisdom of Solomon. To tell you the truth, it has been many years since we have observed the impeccable refereeing that Mr. Valenzuela presented to us. When he cautioned the Honduran striker, Amado Guevara, for delaying the restart, just after having called a foul against him, Mr. Valenzuela sent a direct message to all Honduran referees: that the referee should not allow any player to diminish the public's enjoyment of the Game,nor should he allow any player to show disrespect for the Game by deliberately delaying the restart.Well done, because when our football players commit this unpardonable act, it is because our referees allow them to do it. And this contributes to the perpetuation of a very bad habit. But being a good referee, Mr. Valenzuela knew how to manage the players without administering misconduct, and thus he avoided a deterioration ofthe Game. Jocon Reyes could have easily been sent-off for persistent infringement and dissent, knowing that he already had a yellow card.The brazen right back for Honduras showed his immaturity through his actions because, had he received a red card, he would have jeopardized not onlyhimself, but also the Honduran team, and the game would have become a debacle for us. Nonetheless, Mr. Valenzuela saw through the player's immaturity and admonished his dissent, either of which could have resulted in his sending-off. Similarly, Mr. Valenzuela applied the wisdom of Solomon by not sending-off a Jamaican player, who already had seen the yellow card,for intentionally handling the ball which, of course, would have been a second yellow card and, administratively, a red card. Mr.Valenzuela'srefereeing was not just simply acceptable, it was exemplary and absolutely correct. For a long time it has been said that a good football game cannot ber ealized with poor officiating.On the other hand, a good football game, such as the one between Honduras and Jamaica, is brought to a higher level when it is refereed as it was by the United States referee, Mr. Valenzuela.;Do you agree ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------- >From the U.S. Soccer Communications Center -- Nov. 10, 2000 U.S. SOCCER REFEREE KUDOS #2 The following memo was sent to CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer from General Farouk Bouzo, Chairman of the Asian Football Confederation Referee Committee and a member of the FIFA Referee Committee, praising the work of U.S. Soccer referee Brian Hall, who worked a number of matches at the 12th Asian Cup held in Lebanon from Oct. 12-29. It is reflective of the praise being bestowed upon the work of U.S. Soccer referees for the performances across the world in 2000. To: Mr. Chuck Blazer General Secretary From: General Farouk Bouzo Chairman, AFC Referees Committee Member, FIFA Referees Committee Dear Mr. Blazer, I am very pleased to inform you that under a very successful exchange refereeing program between our two confederations, I would like to thank you for appointing your FIFA Referee, Mr. Brian Hall (USA) to participate in our 12th Asian Cup final which was held this year in Lebanon from the12-29 of October. Mr. Brian Hall was an outstanding referee in our tournament. He officiated two matches as a referee, one in the first round between China vs. Kuwait and a deciding Quarterfinal between Saudi Arabia vs. Kuwait. In both matches he was physically fit which enabled him to move to obtain optimum positions.He reacted quickly and effectively to incidents. He worked as a team with his Referee Assistants. He observed, analyzed and correctly interpreted incidents and in general his decisions were convincing to players, coaches media and even to spectators. I take this opportunity to thank you very much for your kind cooperation regarding the exchange-refereeing program between our two friendly Confederations. With all my best wishes and regards. Yours faithfully, GENERAL FAROUK BOUZO Chairman, AFC Referees Committee Member, FIFA Referees Committee cc:General Secretary, U.S. Soccer Federation Dr. Edcardo Codesal, Chairman,CONCACAF Referees Committee

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